A Moral Tale @Mumsnet BlogFest

Once upon a time there was a delightful Land of Goodness and Kindness (where in only the occasional snarky remark was heard). All was very equal in this happy land of friendliness – the people of this land each had their own castle and would drop in on each other to admire the décor regularly. It came to pass that the Queen (and Queen) of the Land had a child – a lovely happy child – as Intelligent and Witty as the day is long. As the child grew, it became clear that, all the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Land should come together to give their gifts to this Fabulous and Welcoming baby.

And so a party was planned to which everyone was invited – Not forgetting the Fairy Godmothers.

The first Fairy Godmother lent charmingly over the cradle and bequeathed a Powerful Voice. The second gave Intelligence and Candour; the third mixed in a spot of Circumspection with a little Technical Ability and the forth championed both Beauty and Conscience. While the fifth and sixth were debating the rival merits of Self Reliance versus Willingness-to-be-Helped the seventh popped in with Culinary Skill (and Lunch).

It was after the midday feast that, in true fairytale style, the Bad Fairy made her appearance. Dressed all in black and with the haughtiest of frozen faces she swept up to the cradle and addressed the infant, “You will be as miserable and lonely as me, your relationships you shall destroy and you will sell your soul for the price of a story: the end will come when you fall into a never-ending pit of despair and disappear into the mists of time without ever making more than a nasty stain on the world”. Gloom descended – some brave fairies attempted to negate the force of this evil spell by cheerful wand-waving and suggesting that perhaps being Careful and Kind would safeguard the princess from this awful fate.

Just in the nick of time – the modern fairy godmother arrived – in bovver boots and cut-off jean-shorts. She flew in with a roar and a cackle instantly banishing the Bad Fairy back to the writhing mists of Failure from whence she had come. This Fairy brought the Spice of Life. She leant over the Baby and transferred to her: Humour and Feistiness. The Good Fairy’s energy dispelled the black cloud that hung over the Cradle. The mood lifted and the assembled crowd began to believe that ‘Yes’ it was possible to share Joy and Life without falling into the vat of Self-Pity and Misery that had appeared amongst them. They went home praising Humour and Feistiness, Honesty and Kindness. And not to mention Generosity when they opened their Going Home Presents.

And the Moral of The Story – The Bad Fairy is an essential part of the tale – She shows us the danger and the dark side of humanity so that we may know, with total conviction, where the pitfalls lie and so avoid them.

So thanks Mumsnet for the Fest – it was fab. Ps I copied some of your photo’s so hope you don’t mind.

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14 thoughts on “A Moral Tale @Mumsnet BlogFest

  1. Hi – read and much enjoyed this yesterday and thought I’d commented. I’m boggling with all the blogs to ogle! Just trying to G+ myself and jizz up my tweeting too. Thanks v m for putting a link to my post. Bath. How lovely! E x

    • On seeing everyone else’s brilliant posts on Mumsnet I did indeed have to cast around as CM suggested for my angle and it seems to have worked – so a Fairy Godmother indeed!

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